Voting Info


The Governor signed a bill that includes an all-mail primary election running through April 28. If you voted prior to March 17 either by mailing in an Absentee ballot or in person at the Board of Elections, your vote will still be counted and there’s nothing else you need to do.

If you requested and received an Absentee Ballot by mail and you have not yet returned it, you can still use that ballot. If you discarded or lost it, you can request a replacement by calling: (740) 833-2080. 

But if you have not voted yet, please follow these steps: 

1) Fill out an absentee ballot application.  The deadline to request an absentee ballot is April 25, but we recommend mailing the completed absentee ballot application at your earliest convenience.

  • Print the absentee ballot application which can be found online here, or you can call the Delaware County Board of Elections at (740) 833-2080 and request one be mailed to you.
  • Fill out the form completely including checking the box “Primary Election” and filling in the election date of March 17, 2020, even though that date has passed. Then select the political party you want the ballot for (Republican or Democrat) or you can select an “Issues Only” ballot which will not include candidates but issues only. All three options will include Olentangy’s Ballot Issue.

 2) Mail your application or bring it to the drop box at the Board of Elections ASAP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

  • The sooner the better to receive your ballot in a timely manner
  • Mail or deliver your application to: Delaware County Board of Elections, 2079 US Hwy 23 North, PO Box 8006, Delaware, OH 43015

 3) Watch the mail for your ballot, which should include a postage-paid envelope inside. 

 4) Fill out your ballot

  • Please follow all instructions – especially those related to your signature!!
  • Vote Yes to support Olentangy Schools!

 5) Mail your ballot or bring it to the drop box at the Board of Elections ASAP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

  • Completed ballots must be postmarked no later than April 27th. Or you can drop off your ballot at the Board of Elections by 7:30pm on April 28th.

Votes will be counted on April 28.