Olentangy Compared to State Minimums



Olentangy’s Current Offering

State Minimum Requirement

Classroom hours

(all exclude lunch)

HS: 6 hours, 45 minutes

MS: 6 hours, 35 minutes (6th – 8th grades)

ES: 6 hours, 10 minutes

HS: 5 hours, 30 minutes  

MS: 5 hours 30 minutes ( 7th-8th grades)

ES: 5 hours


HS: Any student 1 mile or farther from the school

MS & ES: 1 mile or farther from the school or if they cross a street that is more than 35 mph

HS: Not Required

MS & ES: Students 2 miles or farther from the school

Gifted programming

K-12: Students identified and offered services

Identify students, not required to offer services

MS & HS Athletics

31-35 teams depending on the HS

20 to 24 teams depending on the MS

Not Required

ES, MS & HS Extracurricular Clubs

Numerous at ES, MS & HS levels

Not Required

ES, MS & HS Library

Each elementary, middle and high school has one

Not Required at any level

HS Advanced Placement Classes


Not Required

HS Honors Classes


Not Required

HS Credits to graduate



HS Dedicated theater

Each HS has one and it is used for performances, classes, & evening events

Not Required

HS Performing arts groups vocal and instrumental

Each HS has many, from show choir to jazz band

Not Required

HS Computer Science

Offered at each high school

Not Required

HS Journalism including written, broadcast & yearbook

5 classes offered at each HS in this area

Not Required

HS World language classes

15 world language classes are offered in Spanish, French and German

Not Required

HS Business classes

13 business classes offered as well as a DECA program

Personal finance is only requirement & that can be taught by a social studies, math or business teacher

HS Mentorship I & II

Internship program for juniors and seniors

Not Required

Teacher Academy

HS juniors and seniors for those interested in going into education

Not Required

Certified by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

First school district in the state

Not Required

STEM Academy

Available to all high school students to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Not Required

Family & Consumer Sciences

6 High School classes

Not Required

Industrial Technology

9 High School classes

Not Required

Service learning

HS juniors and seniors can volunteer in the community

Not Required

Accredited Orton-Gillingham Training Program 

Yes, only school district in the state

Not Required

MS Foreign Language

7th and 8th grade electives

Not Required

MS Band, Choir and Orchestra

Offered as electives

Not Required

ES & MS Art, Music & Physical Education

Taught by teachers licensed in the field

Can be taught by a classroom teacher

ES Orchestra and Choir

Olentangy offers this before or after school

Not Required

ES, MS, HS Field trips

Used as a teaching tool

Not Required